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  1. Thanks for the advice @Colu , unfortunately he didn't make it. he was doing so well not sure what happend , i guess they are as sensitive as people say.
  2. Hello everyone , i bought this gold nugget pleco online about a month ago he is wild caught and about 3 inch's long, He has now been in my 55 gallon for a few weeks and has been doing well until this morning he was pale and covered in white patches and not moving very much ,he is still breathing . ALL water parameters are good and i just did a water change, added an extra air stone and increased the temperature from 78 to 80. I also put some different veg near him as im not sure if hes eating i have been feeding him algae and carnivore wafers and recently got rapshie soilent green. Any advice would be appreciated Thank you
  3. @BaRanchik Thanks for the reply, what is the optimal amount of nitrates to have. No I'm not using a softener would you recommend something to increase my ph? its been running for about a year ,temp is 80 Fahrenheit.
  4. Greetings everyone this is my first post here, Wanted to know if anyone has any advice on my planted 55 gallon. I do a 40% water change every other week , I have a hang on back and a cannister filter on it . I'm not really a fan of how its looking so any aqua scaping tips would be greatly appreciated , also this is my first large aquarium and I have been struggling with the plants and algae, i am currently dosing the recommended amount of easy green and easy carbon and root tabs but due to the large amount of plants should I maybe dose more?, many of the larger leafy plants have brown spots. All the fish are doing great and look healthy the only aggression i have is from the Redtail shark. Any thoughts and feedback on the tank would be awesome Thanks.
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