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So we upgraded from a 55 to a 125 during the move to another house. We combined a few new members to the originally cool water no heater tank which we felt needed to have a heater.  So we added one 100 watt heater for starters.  My six male longfinned Rosy Barbs usually are all over the tank—but stayed in this proximity to the heater for a long time after placing it in the tank.  Any ideas as to why they were doing that?


Oh and feel free to add your odd behavior or interesting curiosities to this topic heading because it’s fun to try to figure these creatures out.😁


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Here are some things that it could be based on the photo:

- It's warmer by the heater, and they dig it.

- The sponge/power head is drawing water in that direction, and maybe food gathers there too (easy to get little bites).

- New tank...unsure...hanging out in a corner where they feel safe.

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