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Stocking Options - Apistogramma Cacatuoides


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I currently have a 45 gallon tank stocked with a pair of Cacatuoides as well as about 15 neon tetra.  What are some other fish to consider adding?  I was wanting some yellow, but heard that lemon tetra can turn aggressive.  Appreciate your input!


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yea. If you want to breed them then avoid tetra in general. pencil fishes are recommended. What I would suggest since breeding is not important are 15 kubotai rasbora (these are not yellow but rather a very attractive green and unlike neon are always in motion); you could get some cw123 which are cory with yellow tipped fins. Being a fish from Peru they like upper 70's or even low 80s. if you skip the cw123 then i would suggest pygmy cory which are not the most attractive but a rather interesting fish and again small. I would consider some oto IF you have a reliable source as they can be a bit fragile. 


In general i would make your cockatoo the centerpiece and put smaller fishes around them.

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