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Other hobbyists in Florida (New Port Richey, Trinity, Land O Lakes, etc.) - Help please!


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I am looking for other hobbyists in or around my area. 

One of my fish is outgrowing my tank (29 gallon). I am hoping to rehome him, he was one of our first fish when we started just over a year and half ago. We fell into the trap of depending too much on a big boxes fish knowledge(never again!). Once we got him home we realized he would easily outgrow our 10 gallon, and its now time for him to be in a 55 gallon or bigger.

He is a Monodactylus sebae (African Moony). He was never transitioned to brackish or salt water, and has done great in a fresh water planted tank. Not sure his sex, but we call him Charley. He is approximately 7 inches tall, maybe 5 inches long, and not even an inch wide. We did learn that his breed prefers a community, unfortunately he was the only one we could find in a 50 mile radius. So if you happen to have this species, it would be a match made in heaven! 

If anyone in the area is interested please let me know! We are sad to let him go, but we know he deserves a bigger tank and bigger friends.

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Sounds good. 

Are you a member or have you considered joining a fish club?

There are some great ones near you.

Pasco = http://pascofish.com/meeting-location/

Tampa Bay = https://www.tbas1.com/TBASpages/meetings.html


Pasco just had its yearly swap meet and the meeting before had a huge auction.  Worth checking out if its close enough.

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