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  1. As long as it’s silicone 1 with no additives (mildew resistant, etc) then it’ll work perfectly. Black may be tough to find depending on where you live, but there’s always the internets.
  2. @Andy's Fish Den that’s an excellent idea, especially when the pallets are free.
  3. @Torrey No racks here, the plan is a room of 75-125 gallon displays from wall to wall.
  4. @lefty o So I gathered 2 nets and was about to do exactly what you said, but the pleco was resting on a dwarf aquarium Lily’s leaf, so I attempted with 1 net to just scoop it out. I got it!!! First shot. I instantly thought “what a dope I am” I probably should have attempted before posting, but it seemed too busy in there to not cause a ruckus. Well that’s that and thank you very much, I will use the technique you listed in the future. Good stuff!
  5. Hello all, I have a 3” or so long fin super red bristlenose pleco in a heavily planted 40 breeder. I’d like to net it out and place it in my 40 gallon pond, however I don’t see it possible without removing most wood/decor from the tank. Are there any hacks/tips for netting it out without removing anything from the aquarium? Thank you kindly
  6. @Torrey @eatyourpeas @Biotope Biologist wow these are all excellent ideas. I believe the best way to attack this is with trial and error, as long as all of the animals involved are cared for properly. As with spiders, patience is the absolute key. I’ve been keeping fish much longer than tarantulas. I learned patience with fish because as we all know, things take time. The fish keeping hobby has so many factors involved which makes patience a necessity if you are to enjoy the hobby long term. Once I began keeping tarantulas, I was blown away by how much more patience is REQUIRED. I now have the patience of a monument. I will be implementing all of these ideas and through trial and error, it will decide which avenue is best. Your comments have made me proud to be part of this forum. I will begin a journal when I begin and it probably will be filled with “uh-oh this didn’t go as planned.” I’ve also been researching on a tarantula forum and apparently this has been tried, only to fail. It appears to me that the issue was the lack of aquatic experience. This won’t be a problem because I am fairly well versed and I have you folks to help me out. I appreciate you. PS @Biotope Biologist I love your username, it’s tremendous!
  7. @gardenman That is excellent info, will do, and thank you very much. I’m in Florida so I will most likely use this type of paint everywhere in the house. Good stuff!
  8. @Hobbit wow, Thank you very much for the info and options. I really like the purple grey color. I wasn’t planning on painting the ceiling, but you do raise an excellent point. I guess it’s better to paint it while it’s empty, rather than later. Thanks again, this helps a lot
  9. @Zenzo Easier and much more fun. 😎
  10. @Patrick_G Hahahahahaha brilliant. I have installed those before and they look incredible. I didn’t even think of that as an option, but that’s actually a great idea. Brilliant dude!
  11. @Zenzo Thank you for the input. I am very familiar with your fish room and I absolutely love it. The only issue with something that dark is that this will be part of a living space. I wish I had a basement, however a Florida basement doesn’t exist. I actually used your room as reference and that’s why I was going with a deep grey. Again, thank you kindly for the input. Love your channel dude.
  12. Hello all, When building a fish room, what do you think is the best paint color for the walls. I’m thinking a deep grey. Black would probably work, however I don’t want a black room in my home. I may do 1 black wall, yet predominantly grey makes sense to me. I am aware this is strictly opinion, however I’m asking more for experience. Anyone have any experience on what made their aquariums pop more or more importantly what should immediately be disqualified as an option. Thank you kindly
  13. @Dwayne Brown Definitely go talk to Robert, he will best guide you.
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