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  1. For me, anything that requires black water or very soft water is very difficult for me. Down in Florida, we have liquid rock right out the tap.
  2. @Brian I’ve had the same trouble, however I recently moved from NYC to The Tampa area. In NYC, I had 2 of the best local fish stores. In Florida, it seems saltwater reigns supreme, add to that, the covid factor, and it’s made it very difficult for my to find Denison barbs, dojo loaches, and even most tetras.
  3. Hello all, I have an empty 150 gallon stock tank. I was going to begin my 3rd fancy goldfish colony, however I do have 2 other 150 gallon stock tanks with fancies, so I’d like to go in a different direction. As for filtration, it will have a XL sponge filter rated for 200 gallon that is currently running in another stock tank. It will also have a 4” Hygger air stone. It will have a black sandy bottom with tons of Val, and other plants to come (still undecided). Question is, is this adequate for a school of about 6 dojo’s? Are they escape artists? I was also thinking of starting with 1 dojo and stocking heavily with Goyder river rainbow fish. Anyways, any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly, Manny
  4. @Frosty.R thank you kindly for the input. You have some gorgeous specimen. You have done a tremendous job sir.
  5. @Jungle FanThank you for the input. Holy smokes, your aquarium is tremendous!!! I love how much thought and detail went into this, great job dude. I will most likely go with 2-3 rams, with probably 12-15 cardinals, and some 6-8 corys. It will also be heavily planted.
  6. @Frosty.Rwow I didn’t realize Bolivians colored up so nicely. You have some beautiful fish. I was thinking of dedicating a planted 40 gallon to about 6 of them or so, with some cardinal tetras, thoughts?
  7. I want to say my shellies or my fancy goldfish, however if I had to pick only 1 then it would be rainbow fish. There are too many colors, plus they’re a community fish, plus the breeding behavior, etc etc Currently, I have 11 Rhadinocentrus Ornatus Searys Creek and 18 Melanotaenia Boesemani Aytinjo in a 75 gallon. I could watch them all day.
  8. @Ms. Fancy Fishyou should be fine, just keep an eye on your water parameters. If you were to purchase some plants, like some Anubias Barteri, then they would also help you out as the fish grow and the bio load increases. I do think your filtration is adequate. If you’re consistent with your water changes, I see some gorgeous goldfish in your future. Enjoy! Thank you kindly
  9. @quirkylemon103i had a 75 gallon reef tank years ago and as interesting as it was, I’d take a planted aquarium or some goldfish any day of the week. I don’t question it much as my bank account couldn’t handle that segment of the hobby. Have a great day. Manny
  10. Hello, I simply don’t get anything ‘ballon’ or anything that requires salt. I am basically fascinated by anything freshwater.
  11. @Will BillyThank you for the kind words. This is definitely not the sort of situation I prefer to find myself. However, something else I heard on the live stream that stood out was that helping your fish get through any sort of illness or disease actually bonds us closer to them. Especially once they are all healed up and the world is right again. I think I may be bonding a bit more because they are goldfish and as much as I absolutely adore all my rainbows, I have a super soft spot for our goldie friends. Anyways, thanks again and I will be posting up photos, I just haven’t snapped any yet. I’ll give an update in about a week or so and hopefully we’ll see some great before and after’s. Manny
  12. @SWilsonThank you, and yes to a quarantine no matter what. I remember Cory mentioning in a live stream that quarantining fish in a store is only for the seriously committed store owner because of the many facets involved. This is why his store isn’t the cheapest around. However, I’d be willing to pay much more money for this extra service. The only technicality is that it must be local pick, where as I purchase most of my fish online.
  13. Hello everyone, yes I’m stubborn. Quarantining has never been part of my routine. I’ve been in the hobby for about 5 years and have never had to remedy anything other than the occasional ich (3x in 5 years). The fish disease outbreak nightmare could never happen to me because I’m so meticulous. My first mistake was thinking I was a bit more clever than nature. About 2 weeks ago, I purchased 14 very high quality Goldfish from a very reputable breeder. They came in gorgeous, I couldn’t of asked for prettier fish. 7 Ryukens went into a 150 gallon stock tank and 7 Thai Orandas went into a separate 150 gallon stock tank. Both stock tanks each equipped with a XXL sponge filter rated for 200 gallons, 4-5 Anubias Barteri, a low tech light, and a 4” round air stone that pumps a ton of oxygen. My pond room has come to fruition, needless to say I am very excited. 3 days go by and I have an ich outbreak in the Ryuken pond. I have the med trio on hand (even though I never used it, however I made sure it wasn’t expired), so I dosed ich x. 3-4 days go by and the ich subsides completely. A couple of days after that, I notice that 1 of the Thai Orandas has a white spot on the tip of his first dorsal fin. I quickly pull it out and place it in a makeshift 20 gallon long quarantine tank. I dose with maracyn and paracleanse (I figured I may as well do a full quarantine cycle at this point with this guy). A few days pass and another Thai Oranda has a white stringy thingy sticking out from its wen. It may be a worm, I have no idea. I have come to the conclusion that they are all going into 1 of the stock tanks for full med quarantine cycle. I just ordered the 60 gram size of maracyn from aquarium coop. The reason I’m posting this is because it shipped out in less than an hour!!!!!!! We are all always excited to receive any hobby related parcels, however I’ve never had a more important package. I guess I’m just publicly thanking Cory and all his staff for the insanely quick response time. I’ve learned my lesson and from now on everything that comes through this door will be quarantined. Thank you kindly to all, be safe and healthy, Manny
  14. @FishyJamesthat’s what I’m thinking, thank you kindly dude
  15. Hello everyone, I’ve read and watched basically everything I could on Fancy Goldfish, however I’m more interested in personal experiences. I have a ton of Val growing in a 75 gallon rainbow tank. I purchased a few ez planters and was wondering if I could drop one of these into their 150 gallon stock tank. I’d have to use sand in the planter with some root tabs, but will the goldfish let the Val be? Any and all feedback in appreciated. Thank you kindly, Manny
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