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The "Treatment Trio" Aquarium Co-Op suggests....


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Hello again fellow fish/snail/shrimp lovers!

I finally purchased the trio of medications that Cory recommends to treat your quarantine tank with.

- ParaCleanse

- Maracyne

- Ich X

Since I just got a quarantine tank, and had not ever treated my original fish I went ahead and treated the 29 gallon as well, just to be safe. 

So yesterday it was pretty blue from the Ich X and I was expecting that. But today, 20+ hours later it has gotten EXTREMELY cloudy all of a sudden. Is this normal? I just want to make sure my fish are safe, they do not seem to be under a stress right now. I was just curious if anyone else has had this happen or if this is part of the process.

Thanks for any help/feedback! I really appreciate this group and being able to ask questions to others who are familiar with the Aquarium Co-Op products and videos.

All the best!

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Med trio can disrupt your autotrophic beneficial bacteria causing a heterotrophic bacterial bloom (cloudiness) Make sure to test your water regularly. The cloudiness will dissipate as your cycle stabilizes after meds. It could also be just the meds clouding

edit that’s the info I found when it happened in my qt not some great sciencey thing I actually knew 🤣

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