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Semiannual Pond clean


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I wanted to share with you a picture of my pond after it gets cleaned only twice a year. There are 7 goldfish that were meant as food but moved here because I felt bad. This pond has been running for a little over a year as a quarantine project. I removed 8ft tall black berry bushes by hand , dug the hole by hand, and recycled some bricks from an old fire pit that was under ground filled with broken glass for some reason, and I found the tub outside and put it to use, total cost= free! This is a wonderful project and I recommend everyone makes one. It is completely self sufficient, I dont feed on a regular/ ever, the goldfish as they eat bugs that fall in and they graze on algae all day. The water brings so much life, during the last heat wave, birds would take a swim and a drink. Honey bees regularly visit the flowers. Plus, the mosquito population dwindles because of the fish going to town on the larvae. 


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