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It looks like the new Cherry Barbs are not going to make it to the display tank from Quarantine. From Petco. They got ick and even though it cleared on the 4th day in the 10 gallon with daily water changes,  they are dying from ulcers daily now. Went from 9 to 3. It’s sad they are my FAV nano fish. I wanted more for my display tank. I’m just sad for them now. It’s hard to buy from Online because you can’t get a 2/1 male to female ratio but Petco isn’t any better. Ugh Poor Guys. I got other CB from Petco before and no problems. Though I can say the Ick X worked right away. It was just a bad batch of fish! 

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On 8/22/2021 at 2:07 PM, Colu said:

If their developing ulcers I would treat with antibiotic medication like maracyn or kanaplex 

I’m using the trio treatment. Just a very bad case of ick.

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