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Baby Brine Shrimp Only Diet?

Tetra Guy

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Wondering if a diet of exclusively baby brine is healthy for the non-vegitarian community fish?   Reason I ask is, I have some shy, live-food only feeders (e.g. Badis) mixed in with my community fish.  So I feed baby brine every day.  Tossing in flake and pellets seems like overkill.  Also I feel the bbs get totally eaten up, so no waste food decomposing, and tank stays cleaner with less algae. 


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I actually do exactly this lol!

I feed my adult badis primarily baby brine shrimp, with a helping of live blackworms ~1-2x a week. I haven't noticed any particular deficiencies in the fish over the 4 years I've kept them.

I feed the badis fry exclusively baby brine shrimp and have had no issues a year down the road.

I do throw in some pellets to distract my more boisterous eaters to give the badis a chance to get the brine shrimp, but if you hatch large enough batches of brine shrimp, this is probably not a problem.

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