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Bolivian Ram Sex?


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Do you think I have a male and female, or are these both males? 

I'm pretty sure this one is male with the streamers off his tail. 20210820_162841.jpg.8220ac2b96bc904843bacd6a50ddc661.jpg20210820_162605.jpg.3d62d5f118089145225a8f7cd1d7a09b.jpg


I am not sure about this one though. 20210820_162830.jpg.600c32c912fd6dfa7fb8875cd83fe456.jpg20210820_162821.jpg.ba506387b566a796c9001ecd13abecf7.jpg


Here they are side by side. 20210820_162856.jpg.4e61bff72158cbc6ea5285deb327eb9a.jpg


What do you think? 2 males or a pair?

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They could easily both be males. If one is female them you will know when they get around to breeding.

That's when their male/female parts get rather obvious. Looks like two males to me but I am no expert on rams.

I have been studying them though as I plan to get some soon.

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