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Found 13 results

  1. I just got this bolivian ram in my 20 gallon aquarium as a centerpiece fish.
  2. I have 4 of each ram in my 55 gallon tank and was trying to figure out how to tell which were male and female
  3. My Bolivian Ram all colored up today. I thought it great.
  4. Do you think I have a male and female, or are these both males? I'm pretty sure this one is male with the streamers off his tail. I am not sure about this one though. Here they are side by side. What do you think? 2 males or a pair?
  5. I want to add 1-2 female Bolivian Rams to my 20 gallon Aquarium with 1 male Bolivian Ram. Has anyone had any bad experiences adding females to an Aquarium with a Bolivian male?? I have 4 Platies and 4 Albino Corydoras. The tank is moderately planted.
  6. I’m starting a Bolivian ram tank in a 30 gallon, whats the best way to breed them? Make to female ratio? Water temp/food? Etc… very curious about these guys. thanks!
  7. I picked up a pair of Bolivian Rams today and I've come across a few posts saying that they really enjoy flipping over leaves to forage. I'd like to give them the enrichment if possible but I'm not wanting to tint my water (which I believe happens with the Indian Almond leaves people use). Any recommendations for something I can use to fulfill this?
  8. So I can’t get Bolivian rams to continuously eat and they keep dying on me. I started with 7, quarantined them then added to my community tank. I over feed the tank a little just to make sure they get food but they rarely eat. I’m down to 2 left. Then I bought 4 more, quarantined them and put them into a tank of their own and same thing. Won’t eat , have one left there. I feed , frozen brine shrimp, xtreme krill flakes, xtreme nano sinking pellets, and repashy community food . These are the only fish I ever had that keep dying on me and don’t know what else to do but give up and stop buying them. Any advice?
  9. I bought a group of Bolivian rams last week and one of thems back tail is smaller. I don’t think it’s fungus cause nothing has grown and have treated the tank with the quarantine trio. Wondering if it’s tail got chewed up from where it came or maybe a birth defect? It seems completely .. any thoughts?
  10. I bought 6 Bolivian rams for my 75 and have them in a 10 gallon quarantining . A couple of them are pretty skinny and I never see them eat. I feed them daily but have Malaysian trumpet snails in that tank so if they are not eating they would be eating the food. Found one dead today( one of the skinny ones) on day 4 of quarantine. I’m feeding flakes, vibra bites and frozen brine shrimp. Any suggestions?
  11. So I have a 75 gallon heavier planted tank with cardinal tetras, ember tetras, and some rasboras. Want to add to it and had some suggestions of rainbows and Bolivian rams. Would Bolivian rams and rainbows work with my current fish? I know anything is possible I’m just nervous of getting them and waking up and all my tetras and rasboras gone with the rams and rainbows with full bellies . I guess I’m looking for possible reassurance that this combination is doable 😂
  12. Hi, I have a 36 gallon tank and I’m looking to establish a breeding group of bolivian rams. I currently have two of what I believe to be males, as I’ve had them for about 7 months and have not observed any breeding. Occasionally they will flare their fins at one another but other than that, they remain mostly peaceful. My two questions were 1. Do the two rams pictured here look to be males? and 2. Should I just purchase a small group of all females, if possible?
  13. I am looking to add one of these to my 55g community tank. It has guppies, CPDs, ricefish, neon tetras, and ember tetras. There are lots of snails and adult shrimps. Will any of the fish in my title that I am looking to add go after the adult shrimp? I'm leaning towards sparkling gouramis at this point.
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