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Columnaris or discoloration of scales?


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Trying to figure out what disease this is. I’m thinking it’s columnaris but I’m unsure. I have Maracyn and it says it treats it but apparently it’s gram positive. Maracyn 2 is gram negative and supposedly better for treating columnaris. Is anyone able to identify what disease this is? She had a great appetite today and what eating a lot. She wasn’t lethargic either. I did have a power outage for a few hours and the males tend to chase so I’m wondering if the stress from that caused it. I didn’t lose any fish from the power outage either. I appreciate it. Thank you.


tetra strips 

ph: 7.5

gh: 250

Kh: 80

ammonia: 0

nitrite: 0

nitrate: 40


dosing easy green, and have lots of plants. 







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It could be Columnaris but I can't say for sure more than likely  scale damage what I would do is monitor them and get holed of kanaplex and furan2 they are the most effective treatment for Columnaris just incase you need it if the white patch starts to get bigger or appears on any of your other fish I would start treatment straight away with kanaplex and furan2 following this treatment schedule if you can't get these meds AAP spectrogram or AAP furacyn and kanaplex together is what I would treat with


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