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  1. Hi, I noticed I had a small welt on my finger after feeding freeze dried bloodworms. I had San Francisco Bay brand, omega, and hikari. I hadn’t touched the Hikari. I saw a welt on my finger and then realized I had sneezed about 4-5 times after feeding. I’m not looking to push it after having read that allergic reaction is common when feeding bloodworms. I’m looking for an alternative to blood worms for feeding. I saw the hikari had about 55% protein content. Looking for something to replace them. Current fish: Guppy, bristlenose pleco, whiptail catfish, Amanos in 29g. in 10g: guppy, Platy, white clouds, honey gourami, 29 gallon has mostly breeding guppies. Current foods I’m feeding: xtreme krill flake, hikari algae wafer, hikari carnivore wafer, aquarium coop fry food bottle, freeze dried tubifex worms, tetra color flakes, hikari crab cuisine, and hikari fancy guppy. I also have a pestle and mortar for grinding if needed. Side note, would tubifex worms fall under the same category as blood worms? Potentially allergy from them? Haven’t noticed problems from those, mainly bloodworms. Thanks!
  2. Are you allowed to post videos of fish here? I’ve been trying to catch a picture but my guppies are too fast to get a good picture. In the meantime here’s an update of two of my guppy males. My guppy females also have some nice shimmering color to them on their side bellies. I also have a beautiful guppy that I think is a female because she has so much color to her but has a grey body. If I can post a video I’ll show everyone! I’ve primarily used black Moscow females and black bar endlers.
  3. Would you do 2 pumps a week as in 3 pumps 1 day and 3 pumps half way through till the next water change or 2 pumps literally? I just have very soft water so I’m trying to make sure they have good nutrients so they grow properly.
  4. Ok cool, good to know. Just to clarify, you don’t think it’s a disease of any kind? Just a deformity and he’ll be healthy other than that?
  5. Here is a picture of another guppy baby that grew up. Also the green patch behind the eye I was talking about on the black guppy.
  6. So you don’t think it’s fish tuberculosis? Just a deformity? It’s interesting because he looked normal before but maybe I wasn’t paying that much attention.
  7. Hi, I’ve attached an image of my tank with plants shown. I have Anubias, Buce, Java Fern, 10 marimo moss balls, water lettuce, Java moss, and flame moss. I understand these are all slow growing plants but I’m wondering if I should be dosing easy green more frequently throughout the week. I have the lights on for 10 hours and I have a potentially overstocked tank with cherry shrimp, guppies(15-20), gourami, bristlenose pleco, 2 whiptail catfish, 2 platys, lots of amano shrimp, bladder snails, chopstick snails, Nerite snails, and ramshorn snails. I test water usually and have between 20-40 ppm for nitrates. I have very soft water from a well in Washington state. I put 2 wonderhells in that are rated for 10-20 gallons each for hardness. I also add leaf litter sometimes for shrimp(causes softness too). I used to be able to grow water lettuce that had long roots but I removed too much and had to restart. I put some more in but they’re small in size and I hope they grow more. I also noticed I have duckweed in the tank by accident. My main questions: how often should I dose easy green per week? I do 3 pumps once a week. I feed 4-5 times a week now. Does the density of plants matter when increasing ferts? Should I tone lights down from 10 hours to 8 hours? Mainly looking to get insight on how to increase water lettuce growth. I have airline tubing blocking the flow from the filter so they don’t have much agitation. I used to grow them well but they’re not growing as fast.
  8. Even though he didn’t look like this before though? Is that anything to be concerned about? I’ve been adding 2 wondershells for my 29 gallon. They’re rated for 10-20 gallons each. I have soft water up here in Washington state from my well.
  9. Hi, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. I’m worried this fish may have TB but I’m totally unsure. He’s very active and he’s been trying to eat and mate with the females. He doesn’t seem lethargic at all. I’m just worried about sticking my hand in the water in the future if this is Fish TB as it can transfer to humans. Can anyone help identify the cause for a bent spine? He did not look like this before. I posted 2 pictures of other males and how they look normal as well. I just noticed him tonight. All the other fish seem fine in regards to their spines.
  10. Awesome! I appreciate it. I just got 8 new fry yesterday. I’ve got a few males that look like the male in the picture, and other variations of the black bar/Moscow black guppy. I’ll try to get a picture of the other males. I’ve noticed that they’re coloring up more and they’ve developed a candy apple green coloring behind their eyes on a lot of the males. I’ll try to post updates. At a local fish store I noticed there were some huge guppies and the owner said they were bred to be that big. That might be one of my goals. These guys are on the smaller side but very nice looking I think. I really liked this guy in particular for his tail.
  11. Wow, thank you for that information. I had heard of line breeding but wasn’t sure what it was. I didn’t realize you had to do that to achieve certain characteristics. That makes more sense.
  12. Yea I’ll probably get separated plants tools too 😂
  13. I think I’ll just grab an extra siphon just in case. They’re pretty cheap too. Having owned my 29 gallon for a year now it’s amazing how many things come from plants and other items that can get into the tank.
  14. Hi, I was wondering if I should be cautious about using a gravel vac with multiple tanks. My main concern is whether it can transfer disease/planaria to other tanks. I just set up a 10 gallon tank and it doesn’t have planaria and I’m trying to maintain that. My 29 gallon does have planaria. Although they’re not a huge problem, I’m trying to build a shrimp colony so I’m trying to avoid competition with them. I also would like to avoid spreading disease if that’s a vector of transmission between tanks. Thank you!
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