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Hi all, I’ve just set up a 160L (30 gallon) planted tank, depth of tank is 16inches. Substrate is fluval plant substrate (basically dirt I think) with a layer of gravel mixed with course sand capping it off. Plants include Vallisneria, crypts, pogostemon stellatus octopus and limnophila sessiliflora. I have a  fluval aquasky, and I’m wondering how I should set the lights. You can obviously customise it, and has red, green, blue and white lights that can be all set separately, any ideas how high I should set it? My plan currently is to set the white, green and red lights to 50% and blue to 2% (I hear setting the blue light to high will cause algae) and then gradual increase them by 10% (1% for the blue) increments every week until I’m at 100%. Thoughts? Thanks I advance. Nick

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On 8/17/2021 at 6:39 PM, NickG83 said:

Thanks @Mmiller2001 @Scott P. It’s the first time I’m using a proper plant light, and just a bit worried I’m going to end up growing a load of algae… 

You will probably get at least a brown diatom algae outbreak. It is fairly normal on a new tank.

Looks terrible but usually goes away fairly quickly.

Also as far as fertilizers go, I dose a small amount daily. I don't believe in large weekly doses. The plants can't use it all in one setting so the algae grabs it. I give mine a few drops daily during the middle of the photo period.

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