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Bloated betta and need help


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First off, thank you in advance for reading and for any help you can provide.

So I have this Betta for about 6 months now in a live planted, 7 gallon cube tank with a small hang on the back filter. I made sure the tank was fully cycled before I moved him in and he was always a very interactive fish. Curious to anything that moved outside of his tank, coming up to the glass to say hi and was always swimming around the plants. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that he was starting to look very bloated, losing color (was very dark blue and orange) and get very lethargic. All he does is hide in his floating log and doesn't seem to want to swim around much. I was feeding him about 5 pellets or 5 freeze dried blood worms everyday (which I now realize was over feeding) so I thought he was just constipated but nothing I seem to do has helped the bloating reduce and I haven't seen any poop in the tank either. He doesn't seem to be pine coning so I don't think that it is dropsy but I am very new at keeping fish and I could be wrong.  

What I have tried is I started out by fasting him for 4 days and after the 4th day I began doing 10 minute Epsom salt baths every other day and when I do attempt to feed him it has been only 1 pellet at a time. I tried to substitute his food with daphnia and blanched peas because I read that both those could would help with constipation but he has completely ignored them any time I have attempted to feed thme to

The tank water parameters seem to be fine and the live plants in the tank are growing well.

pH 6.5, KH 0, GH 75, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0 and Nitrate 35 


Completely at a loss on what I can do for my little guy.

Thanks - Chris 


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