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Lake Malawi


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On 8/13/2021 at 7:17 PM, Turtle said:


Do you keep cichlid fish from the lakes of Africa. Mbuna, peacocks ect.ect? I want to try 3 tanks two African and a New World or South America. Any tips?

For several years, we kept a tank of mbunas. Most were from Lake Malawi. Typical species. We kept a couple from Lake Tanganyika in there with them too. We bred a couple of them. But in the end, we grew tired and then circumstances with baby fish led us to repurpose their tank space.


We also keep New World species. Discus, Rams, Plecos, and Cardinal Tetras make for a magical community. Angelfish, Electric Blue Acaras, and Geophagus are also some favorites we've kept.


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I live in SW Florida I can drive to Miami and buy  Direct from Jack watley's and around the Tampa area cichlid fish farms and wholesale all over the place. My problem right now is what? As I complete the fish room I can't decide . 

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