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Glass surfing


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My phantom tetra have started glass surfing. Water testing is showing 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 20 nitrates 7ph 5kh 8gh with water temperature of 25 (77). Tanks is planted so plenty of places to hide. Fish are still fairly new in the tank just under a week but only started doing it today. Any suggestions would be great. 

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Did you run them through a quarantine tank or process? If they have been there only a week they are still getting used to your aquarium.

Try to get in contact where you bought them and ask the following questions.

Are they wild caught or breed?

What parameters did they have while they were with them, including temperature.

And ask what water hardness are they typically kept at.

I learned all that from getting cardinal tetras and ¾ of them died because I didn't ask the right questions and didn't implement those parameters in my quarantine tank.

I would try to keep their tank dark until they fully calm down from all the stress from coming to your home. 

Hope that might help you with your tetras.

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