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The number one thing I need in all my lights is a timer. Because I WILL forget to turn them on/ off. I usually like lights that have timers built in, but those that don't I use a wifi plug. 

Another thing that I think is very important, but not a must is that its waterproof. I have never understand why someone would make a light for water and not make it waterproof. 

Those two are my musts. However some features that I enjoy in my lights and look out for are:

  • Are the lights customizable
  • Can I use a phone to control the light?
  • how easy is it to program the light?

My favorite light is the fluval 3.0. After using that light I have trouble going back to the budget lights. Everything about that light matches my criteria and beyond. I use the nano version, it costed me around $150. Totally worth it IMO. However not everyone can afford that light. Which is why I like some of the Nicrew lights as a budget light.

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This is what I look for in an LED light for keeping plants:

  1. Type of Reflector - Flood light vs. strip light etc. (what do I need this light to do)
  2. Build Quality
  3. Intensity/Par
  4. Color
  5. Power Efficiency
  6. Water resistance

I stick with used Fluval lights on my display tanks because the build quality is excellent.  They are not likely to require replacement after 6 mo. to 1 yr and they do not have a cheap DC converter that will break and require replacement.  Maybe I will be able to afford a new light one day 🙂.  I also use a cheap clamp light with a 75 watt LED floodlight on my 10 gal QT tank.  Both types of lights are growing plants.

Other Resources:

The Blog does a great job describing what to look for in a light:  How to Pick the Best Light for Freshwater Planted Aquariums – Aquarium Co-Op (aquariumcoop.com)

I find that the lighting guide is also extremely well put together for common tank sizes even if you do not end up using the specified lights:  LED Aquarium Lighting – Aquarium Co-Op (aquariumcoop.com)

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I really like my 16in Finnex Stingray it just works well and you don't have to do anything with it beyond plugging it in and attaching the supports. I have it plugged into a timer (not WiFi connected) for 6 hours a day. I'll happily buy and use any LED that works well enough you can forget it after setting it up, and can grow plants reasonably well. I really want to try the app adjustable lights in the future and see how they work as well.

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