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Excessive Hiding?


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First, I naturally worry more than I should but I just want to be on the safe side. Can a fish hiding too much be problematic?

I have a 29 gallon tank and the levels are good across the board. I have 2 otos, bristlenose pleco, yoyo loach, kuhli loach, and 3 clown loaches. The tank is temporary and the loaches will get moved to a 75 gallon tank. 75 is currently occupied by a cichlid that's aggressive to small fish.

Back to the topic at hand. The clowns spend a lot of time hiding and I'm worried that it can be bad for their health. I've already had a case of ich pop up but that's been handled. I understand clowns are school fish but I'm buying them as I find them, they're hard to come by where I'm at. If it's the lack of numbers that makes them hide, is there anything I can do to accommodate them until the numbers get up? One clown hides in a mini house in a tight crevice and the other two stick around a log.

Also, I can't tell if the yoyo is being aggressive or if the clowns are just being skittish. There are times the yoyo appears to chase the clowns but other times they're all just hanging out in the log without issues.

I apologize in advance if I haven't made sense with something. 20210801_132217.jpg.2898a0a7877b8863700074c9d6972399.jpg

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Is there a particular product recommended for parasite treatment?

I have some hornwort but I will get more. I know just the place too for some plants. I'll run to the store for caves. Is there such a thing as too much decor? So I don't over do it when getting caves.

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