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Black Rams fry

Adrian Rodriguez

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I got a batch from one of my young Black rams pair. They are free swimming now and this is my first black ram spawn  since I have only breed the other regular types. Some of them look like the have a little black line that makes them appear darker than other fry that look clear. I think the darker ones are black rams and the others gold. I this correct?E036F199-89C1-42BA-ADA2-D5BF3A7ED14A.jpeg.9c3d48e3f727846393e23ed6655e8dd9.jpeg

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It could be possible. I have dalmation mollies that are almost all black with a little white and a lot of the babies came out "flipped" (more white with black spots)

Not sure what makes a midnight ram (I assume gold ram is in the genes) so the lighter ones may be gold rams or midnight waiting on their color!

Sorry I couldn't be more help! 

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