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  1. I had a pair of rams with fry in a 10 gallon tank with an aquarium co op sponge filter. I went for a day and the wigglers that should be free swimming when I got back weren’t there could they have swam through the coarse sponges and got stuck?
  2. I have a pair of black rams who are currently raising some eggs but I don’t know if I should feed them or if I should just let them alone until they start hatching the fry because I have always raise the fry myself and I have never done it this this way so I’m not sure if I should feed them or if I should just let them until the fry start swimming and eat the fry food
  3. I recently got into breeding the german blue rams and got a pair of Black rams. They have breed a couple of times but I don’t know how to keep the genes healthy and not excessively line breed them. Do I need to buy just black rams from a different breeder or can I breed the with regular rams and the breed them to black again? How can I do this?
  4. Im replicating deans fry system but cant find krylon fusion locally at the moment so I bought the Krylon color maxx outdoor and indoors white paint. Does this work or it has to be krylon fusion?
  5. I recently got about 9 neon rainbows and I have breed many fish before but never rainbows so I don’t know at what size they start spawning because I looked info about these and it says they spawn very young. Are these ready or they need to grow fairly larger?
  6. What pre filter fits the aqua top that aquarium co op sells?
  7. @Crabby heres the update. After I waited two days I released the female about 2 or 3 pm the second day and the male ran her all day, every time I checked the female was backed on the side not moving so the male wouldn’t come. I left her there and the next day I went in the morning and they were laying eggs so I left her there until around 3 pm or maybe more. the mote white part are eggs. This breeding was done without checking water, putting additives, heaters just water almond leaves, a lid, plants and a jar. Just put them wait two days, release and wait and nature will do the rest(remember that they were in the bucket with the lid on the bucket always). I tell you this because when I started I was very worried and tried to make everything perfect and did like the internet said and all but it didn’t work at first but then after you understand what you need it doesn’t matter if in a book or in a youtube video says you can’t do it because its probably posible. Hope this helps you on your betta breeding proyect.👍
  8. I got a batch from one of my young Black rams pair. They are free swimming now and this is my first black ram spawn since I have only breed the other regular types. Some of them look like the have a little black line that makes them appear darker than other fry that look clear. I think the darker ones are black rams and the others gold. I this correct?
  9. Do I obligatory need airstones for the aquarium co op sponge filters or do they work fine without them?
  10. @Crabby Since you had been having a little bit of trouble I thought it would be a good idea to show you how exactly I do it. Today I went to buy a new male betta since I had some females that my uncle gave me but no males. then since he is new I feed hime some fish flakes and put him in a bucket outside with water from one of my guppy ponds. I don’t have enough guppy grass because Im using it in my shrimp tanks and I don’t have that many so I didn’t put anything else but two almond leaves for now. I will add water lettuce today or tomorrow . After I selected my female and put her in a jar. as you can see the yellow belly full of eggs and thats what you wana see on a female betta before breeding. She should be fat and with a little dot popping out a little bit under her belly. Next I place a small plastic container lid that floats and lets me see through to see when they have laid eggs. after this I covered the bucket with a plastic lid and an hour and about 15 minutes the male was already making a nest. This is a good sing. Now I leave the bucket covered for about two days and if the male needs more time to do a nest i’ll give him three days. After this time passes I release the female and if she doesn’t lay in 24 hours and the male is beating her I remove her if there is not that much aggression and breeding behavior I’ll give them more time. After this its all down the hill.
  11. Can I feed newly free swimming Gbr fry live baby brine? I have always feed paramecium first, micro worms and the baby brine shrimp because they are so small at the beginning. But I have seen some people recently who feed brine right away but I don’t know if they are successful by feeding brine right away.
  12. like a day after I got them the male had the black and yellow on the ventrals. But I bought it as a pair so Im going to give it time before I assume its a male😂
  13. yeah thanks and I’ll follow your tips to see if they breed.that one should be the male (this is an emergency tank that I had to set up for some angels and it’s literally on the floor outside in the storage shed so thats why its so dirty and all) and this one should be a female what do you think? its been real difficult cause today he is like that and tomorrow he has a black dot and female colors🤷‍♂️😂
  14. Yeah, I really cant have just a tank with fish, I need to be doing something with it. I started breeding bettas actually so its kind of the opposite. I have been looking to purchase a pair of apistos online because here they haven’t come for a while in the fishstore and when they do some one beats me and gets them before I get them. But I recently bought a pair of apistogramma panduro but the one I think is the male is way smaller and younguer then the female so I got to grow him up before I try breeding them and to confirm that he is a male cause after I put him in the tank I thought it was a female because of the colors... but now he seems like a male so hopefully he is acclimating and is a male after all. But yeah after bettas I wanted to start to sell fish as a hobby to keep growing and being able to keep investing in this so now I breed guppies, shrimp, angels, rams and hopefully some apistos in the near future. Have you breed apistos in bare bottom tanks? Yes, put the divider in the same tank so you just gotta pull it out and let them do their thing. No problem, any time man if you need a tip or a doubt that I might know let me knowits fun to talk with others who are also into fish since not a lot of people here truly understands my obsesion.
  15. Im currently breeding tiger ender guppies, metal lace guppies, red cherry shrimp, blue jade shrimp, dark knight rams, albino kribensis. Starting to breed hellboy bettas and trying to breed koi angels, wild peruvian spotted angels and raising apistogramma panduro and albino bristlenose plecos to breed them in the future.
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