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Single Sickly Bumblebee Platy

Wonder Boy

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We've got a single Bumblebee Platy with a sunken belly and is generally looking sickly. I need help figuring out the problem, pictures below. Here's the tank details:

  • Tank Size:    56 gallons
  • pH:                7 
  • Nitrates:       ~40
  • Hardness:    150+ ppm
  • Nitrite:          0 
  • Ammonia:     0 
  • KH/Buffer:    ~40 ppm (need to add more crushed coral)
  • Water Temperature: 75 degrees

The little fellow seems to be eating and the rest of tank is fat and happy. We're feeding a combo of Xtreme Krill flakes and Nano bites, Hikari frozen Brine, and Tubiflex worms. It's a well stocked tank with Salt and Pepper, Green Lantern, and Blue Wag Platys, as well as Serpae Tetras, and a few mutt guppies. The thin fish did get nipped a while ago, before we got the Tetra aggression under control. There's many plants in there including swords, water sprite, and Japan. 

What do people think? Worms? I am moving him to our Quarantank so he can get some solo attention. 




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Also, from her tailfin, it looks like she got nipped pretty recently. Potential parasites plus stress from bullying can really cause issues.

The solo attention (both w/meds and then grub) sounds like a solid plan to monitor and fatten her up.

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On 8/6/2021 at 2:17 AM, Wonder Boy said:

Any concern for the white near the head? 

There a few things it could be an injury or over production of the slime coat or a bacterial infection I would treat with aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 2 gallons and monitor for now if it starts to get worse I would treat with kanaplex 

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