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Pink Amano shrimp?


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I came home today to a dead Amano shrimp and it was weirdly pink... like cooked shrimp Pink.  I hurriedly checked my thermometer although everyone else seemed fine.  My ammonia is 0.25 and nitrite is .25.... (which I know should be zero)  Did the ammonia do this?  
29 gal, planted, was forced into a fish in cycle due to my child’s destruction of my other tank. 



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5 minutes ago, Alexa said:

I think this is what happens when shrimp flesh “dies.” It has something to do with the protein chains breaking down. So I don’t know what happened, but shrimp (and lobsters etc) always turn pink when they die.

Interesting!  But raw shrimp from the market is grey?  Maybe it depends on how long it’s been dead?  And the tank is warmer than refrigerated shrimp.  I leave for work before sunrise so I don’t see them in the  morning.  It could’ve been dead all night and turned pink.  Thank you! I did not know that!

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