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Is my tank slowly coming apart?


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It's just never ending with me and my one and only fish. 

While closely examining him, I discovered something I haven't seen before. 

First was what looks like water in between where the two glass pieces meet.  The other is silicone that is sticking out at the upper corner both inside and outside. The picture is of the outside one. 

After physically examining, I noticed that on opposite corners of the tank, the glass pieces aren't flush with each other. 

One thing to note is I am able to slide a sheet of paper under the middle of the tank.  But I was advised that if I have a rim, it's not a big deal. 

I'm not sure its always been this way and never noticed, or this is a sign of bad things happening. 


The tank is about 5 years old, but it's been in use for a little over a year with about 3 years after in storage. It's been in its current location and in use since February. 


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I agree with Daniel and FriendlyLoach, but if you decide to add more silicone, drain the tank, clean the area completely, but let the tank dry for about a week before doing anything to get a good seal. Also, you can get 100%, aquarium safe silicone in the automotive department of your local Wally World, you'll get twice as much silicone for about half the price. Compare the amount in a tube of aquarium silicone and the amount and price of a tube of automotive silicone, I like to get twice as much for half the price.

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