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Are Particle Board Aquarium Stands Safe for 55gals?


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First time post, but a long time fan and new customer. What do you think, are particle board aquarium stands safe for heavy 55gal tanks?

I bought one from a local chain store for the looks/design, but I’m not sure it’ll hold sturdy over time. I don’t think I can 100% guarantee water won’t spill a bit during regular water changes. Plus, when cleaning, sometimes the aquarium will move a slight bit, which over time concerns me with the hardware they’ve included to affix the particle boards together.

I was going to replace a simple, custom, steel welded stand I’ve used for 12+ years for this particle board one because someone thought the chain store one looks better. It does, but is this a terrible idea?

Any help, advice, terrible stories, or support is much appreciated. Thanks!


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