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Discus Fin Rot


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Guys I need some help. One of my breeding discus has fin rot and now is showering this awful bloated stomach and I just don’t know what to do. I have tried A combo of Salt and Rid ich plus, water changing everyday and re-dosing salt for the amount of water that was removed and full dosing Rid ich each time. After one week of that it still got progressively worse and now the discus has a huge bloated stomach. Here are my current parameters based on coop test strips. 

Nitrate: 5

Hardness: 25

Buffer: 40

pH: 6.4

temp: 83





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These a couple of  thing it could be suffering from constipation or internal bacterial infection or parasites I would add some Epsom salt 1 table spoon for 2 gallons  as it acts as a muscle relaxants to help just in case it suffering from constipation and kanaplex in his food you will need seachem focus it acts as a binding agent to cover against any internal bacterial infection

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