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  1. Elser

    Discus Fin Rot

    @Colu Yes his appetite is normal and temperament is fine as well.
  2. Elser

    Discus Fin Rot

    Guys I need some help. One of my breeding discus has fin rot and now is showering this awful bloated stomach and I just don’t know what to do. I have tried A combo of Salt and Rid ich plus, water changing everyday and re-dosing salt for the amount of water that was removed and full dosing Rid ich each time. After one week of that it still got progressively worse and now the discus has a huge bloated stomach. Here are my current parameters based on coop test strips. Nitrate: 5 Hardness: 25 Buffer: 40 pH: 6.4 temp: 83
  3. @Pete looks like that’s it! Thank you! Would you say the $65 for the pair is a good price?
  4. I saw these apisto at a LFS and they were labeled as apisto cacatuoides red pair for 64.99. Attached you can see a photo of the male and female for sale. I believe that they were mislabeled so can anyone give me a solid ID on these guys? I really want to breed them as I love the color on both. Thanks!
  5. First time this pair got them to eating from the Slime coat. Sorry about the dirty glass I didn’t want to get too close and spook them into eating babies lol. For some reason I couldn’t upload a video but here’s pics!
  6. When you need an air compressor in a hurry 😂 The one we ordered wasn’t going to get here in time for our little ones birthday so my girlfriend found an alternative use for my linear piston air pump. Worked like a charm 👌🏽
  7. This is a rack I bought from Home Depot for $80. Holds 800lbs but I would definitely replace the particleboard shelves with plywood. One 4x8 board will take care of all of 4 shelves.I know lumber is expensive right now but it should still all come out to be under $200. Very easy to build and I used it for 10s and 20 longs for breeding shrimp
  8. @Cory quick update. He’s out and about with the tank light off but I’m able to keep the room light on. 👌🏽 ate some krill flake that sank to the bottom.
  9. Does anyone feed vegetables to their Blood Parrot Cichlids? If so, what kinds and how do you prepare them?
  10. @Cory thanks for the advise! I’ll try it when I get home. First time with a ghost knife and I hope he gets massive like spoon!
  11. @Cory Quick question… Should the room light also be off when I attempt the feeding, or is it just the tank light that needs to be off?
  12. @Colu I’ll definitely look them up! Want to read the nutrition facts on it too.
  13. @Cory I have not tried that yet. It’s a very low light tank and I know exactly where his favorite Cave is so I drop blood worms in front of it and he spokes his head out to feed but my parrots always car has on. I will definitely do a feeding with the lights out and see that works.
  14. @Duke Silver I feed the extreme krill flake and sinking waivers. Highly recommend them as well. I’ve tried using the flakes to distract the blood parents but they take them down super quick. I end up feeding them way too much just to target feed my black ghost knife 😆
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