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Green Terror in turmoil...


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My 3" Green Terror stopped eating out of nowhere. Weirdly, so did my Electric Blue Acara. This seemed to be more than coincidence, so I tested water, did water change, offered frozen brine, nothing. After a few days, I medicated with Maracyn and Paraguard. I do normally add a small amount of salt to my water, but only about 1 TBLSP per 5gal with each water change. 2 days later, Electric Blue started eating again. GT, still nothing. No visible signs of trauma, no bullying, that's fir sure. My other Severum, Synodontis and Geophagus are all ravenous eaters throughout. I'm thinking maybe an internal parasite. Then yesterday, I saw him dragging a long white poop string (pictured). Thinking he is passing something ?

Any ideas, be appreciated. He is a great fish, hate to lose him.





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