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“New” Vintage Tank


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Made a nice little score on Craigslist today…


Vintage, slate-bottom metaframe aquarium - 30 gallons - with original stand, for 20 bucks!

Its a little rough, and is going to need a complete overhaul, but it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the first tank I ever owned as a kid (mine was only 10 gals. though).

It actually holds water and doesn’t leak, but I’m going to replace all the glass anyway.  It will be easier to clean up the frame this way.

Planning on using it for a Betta Sorority based tank, with as much “period appropriate” stuff that I can find.

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On 7/11/2021 at 12:47 AM, Beardedbillygoat1975 said:

@tonyjulianois there a particular reason your replacing the glass vs. just redoing the silicone? It’s going to be really sweet when you finish! 

I want to replace it with low iron glass.  Also, need to add a pane to the bottom.  Modern silicone doesn’t adhere to slate sufficiently.

Tank was originally sealed with asphalt derivative, like most metaframe tanks were, and I don’t trust it, even though it currently seems to hold water.

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Located these…

Early generation HOB…


Siphon fed intake, needs air for return, so this air pump…


Both items are period appropriate (early 1970’s). I’m thinking of just utilizing for “cosmetic” purposes.  Both will be backed up with modern equipment, which will be hidden away.

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