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Pepper Cory (Cory in general) Egg Fertilization


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Awesome content! Did you do anything to get them to spawn? I know Cory talks about feeding them really well but I'm not really sure if by well he means good quality or lots of quantity or something more specific. How do you know they are ready/old enough etc?

I can't even work out the sex of my panda's, they all kind of look the same shape to me. 

I have seen one smallish one in particular kind of chasing one of the biggest ones and sort of nudging the big ones belly, is that breeding behaviour? 

Sorry for all the questions! 


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I normally wait for a drop in barometric pressure but she was looking plump so I did a 50% cool water change and started dumping in frozen blood worms.

If the fish are of an unknown age I think the only real way to know if they are old enough is to watch for mating habits.  I've seem to recall the "general consensus" is about 12 months.

Belly nudging is a mating behavior from what I have observed.  Also just hovering over and staying very near.

No worries on the questions.

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