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Is this ich?


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9/21 UPDATE: The white spot is gone and I've taken some macro photos (one for each baby). I honestly have no idea what the white spot was. The babies will be quarantined with the adults once they've grown out some more.


I noticed a white spot on one of my pleco fry that my LFS gave me and I'm wondering if it's possible that it has ich? The babies are about a week old and this is the only one with the white spot. When I brought them home I just netted them out of the bag and put them in my 5.5g, I didn't add any store water but there were of course droplets on the net. I have one of the parents + another fish from the same tank at the LFS in my quarantine setup and neither have any symptoms, though they are also receiving salt. I didn't want to salt the babies since I was concerned about harming them. I attached photo of the fry with the spot + both adults that are in quarantine.

6.4 pH

0 ammonia+nitrite

~35 nitrate

The tank is unheated so ranges from 79-82F. I haven't tested hardness but it's a soft water tank (remineralized RO).







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Updated with new photos of each baby
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It's tough to say- I can only see one spot in that first picture, but my instinct says it's ich; probably wait for others to confirm.
I recently had a similar conundrum in my tank and was very afraid of dosing the tank with maracyn because I had tiny cory fry in there. I ended up doing it anyway because I figured I was better off potentially losing a few fry to a "harsh" treatment than losing most of them to an untreated disease. Per that experience, I think you should go ahead and treat for ich.

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