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For you local customers or anyone traveling to the shop this weekend, as you probably know by now we have a nice toasty heat wave coming in over the weekend. To make sure your visit to the shop is comfortable we will be dropping the mask mandate and having them optional if you still want to wear them. We will also be offering free popsicles while your shopping. Please stay hydrated and cool this weekend as its going to be a warm one for the books!


Your Coop Family

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And to those far and away, shopping online, frozen popsicles will be included in your purchase. Flavors can be selected at check out. Co-Op Lime Green is a regular favorite, with Zenzo Kombat Ice Blue special feature also popular. These can be enjoyed at home without masks, or with if you’d like. 😂

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There is a reason why we in the South love our sweet iced tea and our lemonade, the sugar in the tea and lemonade forces water into our cells and the ice keeps us cool. We don't use salt tablets ever, salt tablets make us thirstier and salt tablets are bad for the heart, popsicles are also good, but are a temporary solution, storewide air conditioning would be better.

To make the best tea, go to Wally World and buy the tea bags that can make a gallon of tea, either Lipton or Luzienne, I prefer Lipton for the richer, fuller taste of tea. Put a coffee filter in the brew basket of your coffee maker, cut the corner off the tea bag, pour the tea into the coffee filter, put water into your coffee maker, turn it on, and wait. When the tea stops brewing, shut the coffee maker off and wait 45 minutes for the water to fully drain from the brew basket into the carafe. Put one cup of pure cane sugar (No Stevia or any other artificial sweeteners) in a one gallon pitcher, pour in the tea, stir the tea to dissolve the sugar, add more water to fill the pitcher, place the pitcher of tea on the bottom shelf of your fridge overnight, the next afternoon you will have authentic sweet Southern tea that you can pour over ice in a glass.

To make the best lemonade you have ever tasted, put two cups of pure cane sugar in a one gallon pitcher, add the juice of 8 lemons with the pulp, but no seeds, fill the pitcher halfway, stir to dissolve the sugar, add water to fill the pitcher, put the pitcher on the bottom shelf of your fridge, the next afternoon you will have authentic Southern lemonade that you can pour over ice and enjoy.

It's possible to make 5 gallons of tea at one time to share with your customers, Mickey D's does it several times a day, but I think Mickey D's uses a different type of tea bags. I don't like their tea, for one their tea is too sweet and their tea seems to be watered down, maybe their not using the correct amount of tea bags.

To make a large batch, brew the tea as before, add the sugar, stir it up, but don't add any more water, instead, pour the tea into a 5 gallon jug, do this 5 times. Then add enough water to fill the jug halfway, add ice, stir, add more ice, stir, keep adding ice and stirring until you fill the jug up. The tea will be cold and will taste the same.

Be careful up there, heat kills more people each year than all of the natural disasters combined, mostly the elderly, but you never know.

I hope you all enjoy the tea and lemonade.





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