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Found 10 results

  1. Pretty much as the title states, lol. I plan on setting up my 55 gallon, but aside from that, it sounds like I'll be bored as can be for the next 10 days.
  2. For you local customers or anyone traveling to the shop this weekend, as you probably know by now we have a nice toasty heat wave coming in over the weekend. To make sure your visit to the shop is comfortable we will be dropping the mask mandate and having them optional if you still want to wear them. We will also be offering free popsicles while your shopping. Please stay hydrated and cool this weekend as its going to be a warm one for the books! Sincerely, Your Coop Family
  3. Hey everyone, Just wondering what things you picked up during covid? For me it was skateboarding. Here is my board that I painted myself.
  4. Hi! I tried to look a little on yelp and the main website for this info but sorry if I missed it. What are the current visitation protocols for the store? I live in CA, planning a trip up to the Northwest in a couple weeks to visit my hometown of Portland and Seattle, and would love to stop by the store! We'd likely be going in between 5-7 PM on a weekday, if that makes a difference. (I know the store closes at 7, so we'd of course try to get there well in advance of that time). Thanks!
  5. Title is the message. I'm excited. Second dose is in 4 weeks. :)
  6. I have been thinking a lot about how we make money in this world. I have a good job, working for the university, it is in some ways my "dream job", secure, engaging, flexible, intellectual, challenging...But I still crave MAKING things. I have always enjoyed producing things with my hands. sometimes it feels like I was born too late, or something, because we outsource production jobs these days, and if I had been born earlier I would have ended up a housewife anyway...But still. Some time this next year we are buying a place. I keep telling myself to wait to buy any more tanks. It is sooo hard though, some of my tanks are producing things people actually want! And somehow, despite the fact that I have a REAL JOB now, with benefits and a big girl salary, those little trickles of money feel so much better. I keep pointing out places with basements... There is something about producing a thing with my own hands, be it a shirt, a plant, a loaf of bread, or a fish, that makes me feel much better about whatever meager income it nets me. It isn't really practical yet. But I think one day, before I retire, it actually likely will be. The trouble is it will never replace the kind of money and benefits I currently enjoy--and I am far from wealthy. This pandemic has made me question what I am doing here in this world a lot. Much mulling over of life decisions. Mostly I am satisfied with my choices, but I do miss the pride I once got from selling things I directly produced. What has it made you question?
  7. Hey everyone. I hope this is not a controversial topic - I don't mean it to be. And I hope it's appropriate for the forum. It's just something that's been on my mind and I'm posting this in the spirit of learning and hopefully being useful to my own community if the future. I'm new to aquatic petkeeping, but with other types of companion animals - there are many booms and busts in terms of the number of people aquiring animals. In the bust, many pets end up surrendered to shelters. I'm sure everyone's seen that throughout the pandemic many many people have been getting new pets, given that many folks were spending much more time at home (to put it mildly). I'm sure there are many new "pandemic fishkeepers" like me out there. Do we expect that, after the pandemic, there will be some number of aquatic pets surrendered back to the stores or even to animal shelters? It would be understandable. When that happens, does anyone have experience organizing with local fish clubs/stores/friends to try to help find new homes for as many of these animals as possible? I would think that this would be beneficial to the animals -- as they could end up in experienced homes -- and to local fish stores, as they wouldn't have to bear as much of the burden of taking in these animals. I imagine a local fish club could set something up with a fish store where, when a store recieves a surrendered fish or tank or whatever, then emails or calls the club who sends out a notice among members for a "foster" or forever home. Basically like how dog and cat rescues work. Maybe there are places that are already doing this... I recently joined my local fish club (San Francisco Aquarium Society) but I don't really know anyone and don't really know how to get in touch since they're not doing meetings currently. Anyway, again, I'm sorry if this is not appropriate for the forum - but I just thought that this could be something that affects the hobby more broadly, and there are many experienced folks here who have probably seen the booms and busts.
  8. Imagine what the hobby was like before coivd, fish clubs were open, lots more fish in stock, lfs were open to the public, etc. Lots have changed in this hobby to accomadate the pandemic. My question what do you miss most from the "old normal". I miss the fish clubs and the feeling that I wasn't rushed when in a fish store or having to wait in -30C (-22 Farenheit) in a line just to get more fish food. What do you miss most?
  9. Hi All, I was recently wondering what causes people to be in the hobby. I personally fell into the hobby (long story). Once in, however, I've noticed that I find the hobby extremely relaxing and sometimes I just sit in front of my fish and just watch them for quite some time. I'm not sure what it is that causes such a calming affect, but I can say that this is the first hobby I've ever REALLY been into. How about you?
  10. I have a Fluval Spec V on my desk at work. I am being sent home due to new COVID restrictions in my state. I really don't want to break it down but I can't leave the fish in there alone until January. The tank just has a small school of white clouds, a dwarf lily, and some pest snails. I think my options are either take everything living home with me and turn the tank off. Put an Auto Feeder and Timer on and let it run until I return. I could probably check on it once a week depending. Just looking for additional ideas.
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