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Corydora breeding tank advice


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I have never had corydora's before and recently purchased an adult group of black corydoras schultzei. I am definitely wanting to breed them and have done some research on triggering them. I have only had them for about two weeks, so I am not surprised I haven't had any breeding activity yet, but I wanted to share my tank and see if anyone has any suggestions for tank setup.

  • 20 long
  • Sponge filter and box filter
  • Sand substrate
  • Guppy grass and potted crypts
  • Temp 79

Any feedback, ideas, or experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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Seems like a great setup! I recommend feeding plenty of good foods to condition them for breeding (and of course water changes to keep up with the increased bioload). I've had great luck with Repashy gel food and frozen foods like bloodworms. Once you start seeing eggs, remove them with your fingers and put them in a separate breeding box or something to prevent the adults from eating them. Hope that helps!


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