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On 6/16/2021 at 1:24 PM, tolstoy21 said:

I see it said from time to time that multis are 'sensitive' fish and don't do well in the mail. However, I see them listed for sale online in many places.

Does anyone have experience or information with this and can shed light on the subject?

A club member was parting with some juveniles last year, and posted on our club forum. Looks like it's a matter of care with change out of water from one tank to the next.

I know that fish stores get them near me. It's all about fast, reliable shipping in styros and good prep.

Just looked at two current auctions online selling these. Looks like quality packing / shipping experience is a key. Breather bags, temp-controlled transit, heat / cool packs, next-day shipping, etc.

Sorry these screen shots are so small print...



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