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Another Washingtonian :)


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Hi, My name is Michelle.  I'm way up North by Bellingham. 

Just went down and visited the coop yesterday (have to get that once a month fix in...and spend a buncha money of course, lol). 

Back in the day, which was a Wednesday, about 30 years ago I kept a figure 8 puffer, Green spotted puffer, guppy tank (for feeders) and bred Angel Fish. Also not all in the same tank. 😁

Recently I got back into the hobby and now have 8 tanks ranging from 36 bowfront, two 20 longs, two 10 gallons..oh wait, 3 cuz of mystery snail baby grow out tank, lol...and a 20 tall I'm about to set up for Gold Honey Gourami baby grow out tank!  WHEW. 

All Nano community tanks, most fish bought from the coop.  Gold Honey Gouramis, silver half beaks, a few fancy guppies (and now a Ton more fancy mutt guppies), Furcatas, Luminatus, white clouds, neon tetras, pea puffers, hillstream loaches, cobalt blue Gobies, Flash Pleco, and of course a ton of various Neo Cardinias, some Amanos, as well as a variety of snails!!  Oh, and then there's the crayfish tank!  Had to experience at least one weird species.  I just have dwarf crays but they are hours of entertainment!  Most of the time, better then TV!

I've been having a great time researching and playing with the breeding of the Honey Gouramis.  The bubble nest experience is awesome and the fry are about a quarter of the size of guppy fry!!  But I finally got a few (probably 50 or so) to grow out and they are well established on baby brine shrimp, sero micron growth and first bites.  But they are only 3 weeks old, so I won't call it a success YET!

Excited to learn from everyone here and have a great time with my MTS!!





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