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Riccia Fluitans

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I would like any information on keeping Riccia Fluitans. The last that I got, placed in two separate tanks, simply disappeared.  My water is hard. More Gh than Kh. Other parameters fairly normal with lower pH. I was floating it. Lovely plant. Would love to keep it.

Thanks to anyone in advance.

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I do not do well with Water Sprite either. I have tried floating, planted, etc and it just does not do well. Trying in my Beta tanks now as they are the softest. Some stem plants I no longer even bother with although best results are to float not plant. Crypts, Val, Anubia, Java Fern do great. I think Anubia would grow in battery acid.

Thanks for commenting!

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23 hours ago, Caroleinwv said:

Thank you! Very helpful! Yes, I am in WV. I am finding I need to watch KH like a hawk. I can have a high TDS but 0 KH which can be dangerous.

I can relate. My water source is the Coal River. It's liquid rock.

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