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Hi from Manda!


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Hello, names Amanda. Ive been a Aquarium addict for several years now. We always had tanks growing up and I didn't think much of it until I was older and tried to do my own tank. It was a nightmare. I learned quickly that petstore employees don't often know as much as they say. I almost gave up. After the the first tank collapsed I was ready to give up and quit. My husband didn't let me. He bought me a bigger tank, said I wasn't a quitter, and start trying to learn more than the employees who gave me advice. So went down a YouTube rabbit hole and found Aquarium Co-op's youtube channel. I spent hours upon hours, days upon days, just pouring into research about Bacterias, species profiles, the how's and why's. Its become a full blown addiction 😂 my husband now has a strict "no fish talk" rule. Fast forward a few yrs and here I am, helping people day and night set tanks, understand the Nitrogen Cycle, delivering a stock pile of online resources, helping with ailments and species clashes, and all sorts of things. It's the best hobby in the world and in glad to be a part of it. Aquarium Co-op helped me get here.


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