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How to cool water

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The only reliable way to chill a tank long term is to buy a chiller. You can look on saltwater aquarium sites that sell those products, a saltwater fish store would have some or you could check Amazon. May need a pump to pump the water through the chiller as well as some tubing. They are expensive though, like a mini fridge that cools the water flowing through it. Also acrylic tanks insulate better than glass tanks.


You did mention asap, so you csn look at a fan blowing on the surface of the water, that csn lower temp by 5 or more degrees. Combine it with the above frozen water bottle trick and that should help. But I think a 1/10 hp chiller would work for a 40 gal tank. 


If you can't get a chiller for a long term solution, then you may have to see if the place you got it from can take it back. It will only suffer with prolonged high temps.

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Right now my living room is 82.8 and the tank (40-ish gallons) is 78.3.  Because I live in Hawaii, it’s often hot and humid so fans are a necessity.  So far the tank’s not gone over 83 even though the room is about 86-88.  I use an Inkbird controller to turn on the fans when the tank gets to 79.  Both were found on Amazon.



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