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Brown Hair-like Algae

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Hello @bobhed, the first step would be to identify the algae. It is a little tough for me to see but it looks like it may be staghorn algae. Would you be able to compare your algae to pictures of staghorn algae online and confirm that for me? 

Would you be able to provide additional information as well like water parameters? Lighting? Fertilization schedule? Water change schedule? Age of aquarium?

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Thank you for replying. I definitely think it’s the stag horn algae and looks like my water parameters are off now as well. The light is led and on about 8 hours a day right now. Alkalinity is low and the water is showing acidic. Acidic around 6.2 and alkalinity is near 0. Nitrate looks in the safe zone. The algae is growing quickly. The tank is several months old. I did add several plants 2 months ago. I use the liquid fertilizer 1 - 2 times a week. This seems to have happened after using liquid iron 1 time  it’s a 55 gallon tank. I change the water once a week  



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