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Update on fish

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Hello fellow nerms! It's been a pretty bad few weeks and I haven't been able to come on here. A family member recently passed away, far too young. I had to move around a bunch of stuff in my house because another family member moved in, and my AC broke down. I'm going to end up having to sell the house and move next year, and just the thought of that process and having to catch (the most stressful part) and rehome my fish and probably give away tanks and equipment and plants has made me seriously ill. The money I've spent... Also I got into some poison ivy on both forearms, had a horrible allergic reaction, and couldn't do any aquarium maintenance for 3 weeks! The plants and tanks need a little catch-up work, but at least the fish have been thriving..

My danio fry are all at least half-grown now and I ended up with about 15 or so. I now have some guppies in there with them and haven't seen any new fry since. I don't want any more danio fry. 

Two shrimp recently had babies and I might have enough by the end of summer to actually make a buck or two! I never see yellow shrimp for sale around here but have seen many other colors. 

My guppies are doing well. I have 8 fry going to the LFS next week and two sets of younger fry. I absolutely love these friendly wiggle-butts.

I had to rehome the angelfish (Clementine and Tang) as they were getting too aggressive. I was heartbroken but it was too stressful watching terrified fish all day. C went after T several times a day, and T decided to hone in on the smallest rasbora and relentlessly harass it to the point it would hide all day in fear. But I found a LFC member with a huge tank (125) who was happy to take them. All the rasboras are back to their normal rambunctious behavior. 

Cosmo is doing great - his face is now almost all blue.This time next year if I have to move to an apartment, he might be the only fish I am able to move and keep.

On to read about good fish stuff happening with all of you...

A few of the younger danio fry and a newborn guppy fry:


Young danios at the top, and one adult at the bottom:


Older guppy fry:


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I am so sorry for your loss, Maggie!! 💔 That sounds like a terrrrrible few weeks!

I've missed your posts, and I'm glad you're back!  Your tanks look great!! 😍  And, I am very jealous of the baby shrimp.  I just got a breeder pack of Neocardina and I can't wait for the little shrimpies!! 🤞

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