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Tetra lifeguard


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So I think I purchased a sick betta. Not surprised as of their living conditions. Long story short he hasn't eaten and has been laying on the gravel also some gasping. 

On another thread in thud forum I was given a ton of help. One suggestion was to use Api general cure. Nobody around has it. I went to the big box store lay night and talked to someone in the fish department. I explained to him how the fish was acting. He said to use Tetra Lifeguard. Told me it's "identical " to general cure. 

I did some quick research at the store and the reviews looked good. I started treatment immediately when I got home. 

After dying some more research I found people saying it wrecked their bio filter. Also it killed their plants. I'm not so worried about the plants. They were free from my other tank, but thy bio filter has me worried. 

If I do start to see ammonia can I treat with prime while using the meds. Or do I need to manage that with water changes. If it's the second should I plan on doing the water changes so that when I am done changing the water is fine for dose #2



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Thank you. I contacted Tetra today and asked the same question because I read some more about life guard and it said if you over dose use prime to detoxify so I was concerned if I do daily water changes before every dose of using prime would actually make the meds not work. In the package it didn't say to change the water daily only on thy sixth day after 24hours, but do you think it will hurt abetting if I do change the water daily

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