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Would Rainbow Shiners eat Medaka Ricefish eggs if they found them?

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It's been a while since I've talked haha, but to expand on the question, It's starting to warm up significantly here in western Washington so I'm beginning to setup my patio pond back up (40ish Gallons) and I believe while both the Medaka and Shiners are compatible together, would the shiners possibly go after the eggs? I know the Rainbow Shiners are prolific in eating their own eggs, but what about other fish eggs? I heard Cory say that the shiners didn't seem to go after things like guppy fry and things like that, but i don't hear of anyone mentioning them eating eggs, I do have a separate container for the eggs, so if I see some on a piece of Azolla or Water Lettuce I could just move them, but just in case if I miss some, what's the likely hood of this happening? 

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