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Bristlenose Pleco Fry


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Hey, I've bred bristlenose a few times in a 20L with swordtails and other things 2 or 3 times now in a community setting. I put a flashlight to the pleco cave and saw eggs, this time I moved the cave full of eggs to a bare bottom 10 gallon tank so I could check out the action! Now you guys can too. I'll continue to post updates, but this is what I could never really quite see without a dedicated tank. Meet some wigglers...

Day 1

Day 2


And no my youtube is not monetized or anything, I just honestly find this cool and none of my friends do, haha. Today is day 3, and all of them are in the furthest back corner and I can't get a solid video or picture, I'll try tomorrow and look at the stache on this pleco. Wow I don't think I've made  a forum post since back before you could even embed video. This is cool



here's a quick vid of the 20L of the conception, got 3 female bristlenose and this one ugly male shown above, probably about 40-60 swordtails of varying generations, as well as 2 to 3 different generations of pleco cruising around the bottom. All run on a single co op sponge filter and at room temp/no heater.



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