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My one Hour a Day Journal

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I love Cory's 1 hour challenge. I have been trying my best to spend 1 hour with my tanks and so I thought I would create a thread for it. The goal is to share what I did every day as well as any discoveries I made in the process of my 1hr. Sometimes it wont be an hour (because I only have 3 tanks, I dont always have enough stuff to do in an hour). Hopefully this thread will encourage me to continue with my one hour.  

Soo today I did waterchanges on 2/3 of my tanks (one of them is still cycling), wiped/ clean the glass. It probably took around 45mins.


Today I discoverd new growth on my Anubias in my community tank:



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The driftwood was actually only $10CAD! It was because the tag fell off so the lfs employee didnt know how much to charge me, so just charged me $10. It was a STEALL!!! It also has a bunch of wonderful crevises that I can wedge rhizome species like anubias and buce into. 

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I've really been enjoying this one hour a day. I encourage everyone to take part in this challenge when ever possible! You learn something new every day about your aquariums. 

Today I did a little clean up on the Nano Breeder (10 Gallon still cycling, will be used for breeding fish.) It was very dusty and and lots of debris just sitting on the substrate. So I did a very small waterchange to remove all of this debris. This took about 20 minutes.


I also bought some "command hooks" I stuck them to the side of the aquarium stand. The plan is to hang my nets as well as my nano USB air pump. This honestly didn't take long, probably 5 minutes. 


I also went around to all of my tanks inserting root tabs, and fertilizer. I witnessed that my Sword in the Nano Breeder is suffering from what looks to be an iron defency. I gave him an extra root tabs as well as dosed some of the tropica premuim nutrtion. 

Today I discoverd some WILD growth with my amazon frogbit. I got it on Sunday and its probably almost doubled in quantiy!


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So today wont be an hour of work, but I thought I would post it anyway.

Yesterday evening I mad a DIY Brine Shrimp Hatchery, to learn how I made it click here. I have some brine shrimp eggs coming from amazon quite soon, and cant wait to start my first hatch.

Today I wiped the glass of green spot algae on my community tank.


Today I also discoverd that the roots on my amazon frogbit are growing!

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Today I moved my anubias golden coin from the nano breeder to my betta tank. I figured it would do better on a peice of wood. So I wedged the rihzome into one of the crevices. It looks really good and I'm quite happy about it.

I trimed both of my swords (red twist in community tank, yellow sun in nano breeder). They had some dead leaves, so I trimed those off.



I also discoverd new growth on both of my Hygrophillia species (compact and siamensis 53b)


This challenge has really sparked a new interest in fish keeping for me, I love it. 

I also love wedging the rhizome species into the dirftwood, I might be getting some Java Moss for it too. 


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