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86 Cent DIY Brine Shrimp Hatchery


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I made a DIY Brine Shrimp Hatchery that only costed me 86cents! 

Items needed:

  • Pop Bottle (I used a 1 Liter bottle)
  • Airline Tubing
  • Air Valve
  • Tape

The only item I didnt have was the pop bottle, which costed me 86cents. (Tip, go to the dollar store and get the pop bottle there)

Steps included:

  • Drill a hole in the bottles lid. (Make sure the lid is the same size of the airline tubing) 
  • Insert the airline tubing through the hole. 


(I had to use super glue because I made the hole too big)

  • Cut the Pop bottle into two. Make sure that the top of the pop bottle is taller then the bottom of the pop bottle. The top is what will be holding your baby brine shrimp. 


  • Then drill a hole into the bottom of the pop bottle. Make sure that its nearest to the bottom of the bottle as possible. I had to make three different holes because two of them were too high. The bottom most hole is the one I used. The size of the hole does not matter just as long as your airline tubing can fit through.


  • Screw the cap of the bottle that has the airline tubing back onto the bottle. 
  • Then place the top of the bottle with the cap into the bottom half of the bottle. Pull the airline tubing through your hole, and attacth an air valve. The airvalve will maintain the baby brine shrimp not escpaing through the tubbing. When its harvest time turn the airvalve open and it will start pooring out.


  • If when cutting the bottle and the cut was not straight, you may need to tape it into place. 



I have not hatched any brine shrimp yet, but I'm excited to start! I'm going to order some brine shrimp eggs off amazon and I willl update this thread when I get a hatch. The hardest part is finding trustworthy eggs. I live in canada so i cant do the co-op eggs. Any suggestions?

The Sanfranciso Bay ones seem to come in such a small conatiner, thoughts?

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18 minutes ago, Fish Folk said:

Very good! Beware salty brine may amount everywhere around the top.

We do something similar. Here’s a very short look. We have a wooden box we made. 1-liter bottles inverted. Here’s a short video....


Awesome setup! I may have to adapt that lid concept, great idea!

What kind of brineshrimp eggs do you use? The Co-Ops eggs? or another brands...?

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