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Cryptocoryne Tropica Growing Upward

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Have any of you seen your Cryptocoryne Tropica growing so vertically, reaching up to the light like this. Does this mean that there is not enough light or too much light, or something else?  Is this normal growth?  I always see other photos or videos with Cryptocoryne plants and they all look more flat. And comments on this would be appreciated.



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I agree, it's totally normal.

Generally when plants start to get "leggy" it means it is not receiving enough light and it will start to grow/reach towards the light. If the light is strong enough and the plant doesn't need to grow upwards, then it usually will grow compact or horizontally.

Judging by the color of your crypt it doesn't look your light is too low. It seems like the leaves are growing upward because they are competing with each other for light or at least thats what I experience my crypts to do over time.

Heres a picture of the same tank where in the start my crypt didn't have as many leaves


Heres after a few months of neglect


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