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August from Chicago... Moving to Seattle

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Hello everyone. I'm August. I've been keeping fish for about 13 years since I was 5 years old. I currently have 11 tanks and a mini pond. My favorite fish is the German Blue Ram and I've had moderate success breeding them. I have been having issues with getting all female offspring, but I can't complain. I also have some very beautiful Phillipine Blue angels.

I am moving to Seattle in the next month so I'm going to have to consolidate tanks quickly. I'm probably going to get it down to 3 tanks with my 40 breeder, a 20 high, and a 15. My dad will be caring for the tanks while I'm gone so I want to make care as easy as possible for him. I'm considering shipping a few fish like my Phillipine Blue angels, super red bristlenose, and best dark ram pair to Seattle but am not sure if that's worth the hassle. If anyone has thoughts on that I'd be glad to hear some opinions. 






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11 minutes ago, Edward Steven said:

Those are beautiful setups. As for shipping, what you mentioned is easy to get here. I think Dean's Angels and Rams are top notch, he's probably doing super reds as well. Cory stocks those in his store along with ones from Aqua Huna I believe. 


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