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New fishkeeper from West Virginia

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Hello all I am new to the hobby this year and have a planted 40 breeder setup. I cycled with plants and using the pure ammonia method with stability. It took a little over 3 weeks. Today I added my first fish. 7 dwarf neon rainbowfish & 1 electric blue acara. I still suck at taking photos with my iphone. It doesn't seem suited to aquarium photography. If I get the hang of it I'll post some pictures. Anyway the fish are all doing great. They came from aquatic arts. I had ordered a 6 pack of the rainbows but they sent 1 extra for free. Pretty cool. The rainbows are 1/2 exploring and 1/2 schooling at this point. They are pretty small in a 40 breeder so they poke around and when they see each other they school together for a bit then go back to exploring. 1 of them has a different personality in that he/she hangs around the acara instead of his group. He'll school occasionally but usually ends up back behind the acara following him around lol. Just wanted to make an intro post and say hi! Hope everybody is doing well.

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