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Can you over feed BBS?


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Can you overfeed BBS?  I mean in terms of harming the fish directly not by spiking ammonia/nitrate.  I'd think so but I heard an offhand remark on an ACO YT video that you can't and I'm not sure how serious that remark was.


I'm trying to grow up some whitecloud's to mosquito eating size as fast as possible so they've been getting BBS 2-3x/day.  There's only 6 of them and they're smaller than my neo-shrimp right now so I'm feeding what I think is a half day's worth of food at a time but i could be way off because I don't really know.  They're getting pretty fat bellies now, almost like they have a little yolk sack, so now I'm starting to worry I'm over feeding.

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